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Kathleen Peace, Founder of kp jewelry co.

with kp jewelry co., your earrings match more than your outfit — and your self-expression changes lives.


What if you could buy a lovely pair of gold earrings that embody your inner radiance ... 


And what if shopping for that same pair of earrings supported young girls being able to safely express themselves too? 


Sometimes we get caught up in appearances. Trying too hard to please everyone else, keep the balls in the air and be everything to all people. Feeling that life on auto-pilot has become the norm — hating it, yet not knowing how to turn it off.


I know the uneasiness of feeling a certain way on the inside and portraying something different on the outside. I lived that life off and on since I was a girl. 


I also know the satisfaction of aligning my inner & outer self and feeling good in my own skin. I learned from the best.


A radiant woman from Eswatini shocked and inspired me with true self-expression.


Have you ever met someone and instantly felt drawn into the depths of who they are? Felt in your bones that this person embodies what it means to BE a human being?  


Kathleen Peace and Cebile Manzini-Henwood


Cebile Manzini-Henwood, so radiant in her calm presence, touched my soul and showed me what true self-expression is. 


Everything changed for me on that special day 10 years ago, when I met Cebile. She spoke at a very exclusive women’s gathering at the Verity Club in Toronto (kinda fancy, very lovely).

One of my favourite wealth-management clients invited me. I really looked up to her and wanted to impress her. Honestly, I felt completely out of my depth walking through the door. Nervous, but excited, I took my seat at our table near the front.

Cebile rose to speak and captivated the room. She’s a strong, quiet person with this power that radiates outward. 


She was just so beautiful and confident — standing before 25 white, influential business women — presenting her organization’s new initiative.


What struck me most? How self-assured she was. Standing proud and calm, so comfortable in what she was saying and offering to us as a proposition to help grow these girls’ empowerment clubs.



I cried. In front of everyone, silent tears streamed down my face.


Because of the painful stories of what the girls were going through. 

Because I wasn’t feeling a hundred percent at home in my profession.

Because I was pretty intimidated by a roomful of women I considered above me. 


And here stood this woman who I just… deeply connected with and admired. Her inner light pierced through my armour, my uncertainty, my insecurity. I felt my heart waking up to who I wanted to be. Who I was underneath everything else.


I cried because I started letting go of all the pressure and ‘shoulds.’


I was so drawn to her that the moment she finished speaking, I walked over. Forgetting ‘propriety,’ without thinking or planning — I hugged her. 


And she hugged me back. In her eyes was warmth. A love and caring that just welcomed me in. Cebile touched me so much just by being herself that day. Even now, her deep faith and unlimited amounts of love for the world continue to inspire me.


I became myself with girls’ empowerment clubs and the birth of kp jewelry co.



Cebile’s impact that day spilled into fundraising and advocating for the girls’ empowerment clubs. As I served on the Advisory Committee, it was like being in one of the clubs myself. It felt like coming home. I began feeling FREE through my work with Crossroads International.  


Surrounded by other women joyfully being themselves and sharing an incredible mission, I felt a piece of myself coming to life. 


That’s where jewelry comes into the story. I started unfolding my tightly-curled self. Mirroring that imagery of a bud slowly opening into full bloom, I looked for jewelry that fit my inner self.




When I struggled to find what felt just right, I went to the bead store and made my own bracelets. I fell in love! How the stones feel in my hand, how pretty they are, all the different symbolism, cuts, colours —  oh! Now I just go crazy at the bead stores with my creativity on full blast.


Slowly and very naturally, the business idea came. With 15 years of entrepreneurship under my belt, I decided to create a company all my own. One that aligns my insides with my outsides, my values with my life. (Deep breath, we’re taking the plunge!) 


I stepped away from an intellectually stimulating, financially lucrative career in finance — so I could 100% align with my Self. 




My energetic pursuit to excel on Wall St. and Bay St. had culminated in a 15-year partnership operating a successful financial planning practise here in Toronto. After 25 years in that world, it was time.

Designing beautiful jewelry and advocating for girls’ clubs aligned more with how I wanted to live my life. 


I started kp jewelry co. to create one-of-a-kind pieces that speak to women who know (or are learning!) how fabulous they are — as they are. 


Authentic, joyful self-expression opens the door for others to access their true selves. It allows us to connect with other human beings actively BEING (like Cebile!).


Now, I’m on a mission to deliver versatile, high-quality jewelry that amplifies your self-assurance AND provides you with opportunities to be part of something bigger.


Here, personal style is a change agent. Giving beautifully crafted jewelry to yourself or someone you love directly empowers & protects African girls — For Her. With Her. By Her. 



wear, love and give jewelry that matters


If you’re ready for this movement, hop onto the email list or join the conversation on Instagram. Browse the collections and choose a piece for yourself and a few for your favourite gals. Follow and share Crossroads International & SWAGAA on IG. 


I’m taking the kp jewelry co. gang to meet Cebile and volunteer when it’s safe, so let me know if you’re game!


Being ourselves is the best gift we can give. (And a little something from the shop, of course!) Buy and share gifts that literally give back. I’m honoured to share inspiration, as it was so generously offered to me.