skillfully crafted jewelry that expresses your true self and empowers girls

If you're looking for beautiful, handcrafted jewelry that feels good to wear - and that you can feel good about buying - say hello to kp jewelry co.

These days, 'voting with our dollar' matters more than ever. When you find a business that gets it, you feel good shopping there because you're supporting good work in the world.

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high quality, locally-made jewelry that feels like you

You know how it feels, scrolling through site after site online, trying to find that something that's just right. You're on a mission to match your outside with your inside - confident, radiant, beautiful. Pulling up Instagram, you casually flip through the stores until ... There it is!

Stumbling upon a delicate gold necklace, it clicks. Suddenly you're poring over versatile bracelets and freshwater pearl earrings.

Incredibly, anything you buy helps fund girls' empowerment clubs.

You feel goosebumps as you read over the mission to give young girls safe spaces to simply be - to play & learn, spend time together and let fears fall away.

"Letting girls be girls" plays in your head while you choose pieces you can't wait for people to ask you about.

why shop with us?

You answer the phone, hearing that loud squeal you’d recognize anywhere. Your sister got her surprise package, and gushes about the exquisitely hand-knotted mala you knew she’d love. 

Her voice tells you just how excited she is — not only about the perfect birthday gift, but what she read on the companion card. “How cool is this?! I can wear it for me — and think of the girls every time!” 

While feeling beautifully herself, she also feels the bigger impact of your gift. 

Not a mass-produced necklace from somewhere like Amazon, but a unique, skillfully crafted piece full of hope and made with love. 

Reflecting true change in its sparkle.

empowering girls & women to fully express their true selves IS what it's all about.

No going to dig a well in Africa' with 10 of your best friends so you can snap selfies and feel good about shit. kp jewelry co. is NOT about privileged white women rushing in to 'save poor little black girls in Africa.'

It's not about adding to your collection of stuff so you can check 'support a good cause' off your list. No white saviour agenda. 100% respect, celebration and honour of all girls and women truly BEING themselves.

kp jewelry co. supports Crossroads International because their approach feels non-white-savior-ish to us. Local organizations in 10 countries request specific support, and Crossroads drops in volunteers to serve or teach that specific skill or system. Then, they pop right back out. No coming in and taking over.

It's the closest thing I've found to real empowerment. And that's what it's about.

wear versatile jewelry that feels gorgeous and gives back.

When you buy a piece of kp jewelry, you directly contribute to transformative programs educating and empowering girls to break the cycle. 

With an inclusive, holistic approach tailored to each local community, girls rise beyond social norms to become incredible leaders — in their own lives and the world. 

kp jewelry co. supports local Girls' Empowerment Clubs in Ghana, Eswatini (formerly Swaziland), Burkina Faso and Togo. These clubs provide a safe place for young girls recovering from or at risk for abuse or violence. 

Girls receive comfort, develop self-confidence and access their true selves. 

with every kp jewelry co. piece you buy or give, YOU become a powerful agent for change.

Simply by expressing your unique style, you connect with and embody your inner self, give other women permission to do the same, and support essential girls' empowerment programs.

Think of the women who inspire you… the ones you admire and want to be like. Regardless of personality, skin color or profession, I bet they all have one trait in common. They powerfully live as the fullest expressions of themselves.

When we — women and girls — live fully expressed, we feel comfortable in our own skin. The internal alignment ripples out into other areas of our lives. And then, like magic, others allow themselves to come out and play. 

When more of us express our self-assurance, we powerfully change our world! (Girls rock. In case you didn’t get that before. Ha!) 

buy a piece. express yourself. empower a girl to do the same.

Looking for a spirited & powerful female community? 

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